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    Belly dancer and teacher for more than 10 years, she took classes in Egypt during the Ahlan wa Sahlan festival and in Spain with Dina, Raqia Hassan, Farida Fahmi, Mahmoud Reda, Mo Geddawi, Lisa Laziza  and also with Gloria Alba, Rashida, Devorah Korek.

    Currently she is teaching at the Devorah Korek´s Sarabi School and in her own studio she gives teacher training and dancing classes. Her styles are Modern Egyptian, Khaleegy, Saidi with cane, Melaya Laff, Turkish style, Algerian, Andalusian and Fantasy (Isis wings, Sword, Veil and Double Veil, floor work and especially improvisation).

    In love with everything related to Arabic culture (music, gastronomy, poetry, architecture) she combines her preferences with all the courses that can be related to belly dance (Aromatherapy, Bach Flowers, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Shamanism, Coaching, Sufi philosophy…) that can enrich dancing and people.

    She knows that dancing is 50% technique and 100% passion, just like Raqia Hassan says. As main technique she uses the Modern Egyptian, grouping the steps in 3 categories: pops, undulations and vibrations. And to show passion, the most important thing is to harmonize the bod, being aware of the movement and its breathing, connecting with the inner feminine power (the jaguar) and taking into account the energetic directions when dancing, from the strength of the ancestors, the projections when dancing in public and the mental directions.

    She performed several years in various restaurants in Barcelona, Luna de Estambul, Taberna Libanesa, Rincon Persa and Cafe Arabia. She danced with the "Sarabi" and “L’Encant d’Orient" Dance Companies and the Tales. Also she participated in several TV shows (“Mira quien Baila” -“Dancing with the Stars” in Antena3, Karakia Canal 33…) and radio shows at Cataluña Radio (“Versió Original” – “Original Version” with Toni Clapes, …)

    Currently she dances only at special events, weddings, company reunions, town local festivitiesm in group or individually.

    As a teacher for belly dancing Sarabi® style, she was trained by Devorah Korek.
    Contact mail: info@marinasalvador.com
    Blog: www.teconmenta.com

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